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Eco farms Istria offer products that are made in harmony with nature. A wide range of products from organic farming offers top quality domestic products, made with love and passion by our farmers and nature. When you think of Istria, the first things that will probably come to mind are olive oil and wine. This is what Istria is, among other things, very famous for. The importance of domestic organic products has also been recognised by our certified organic farms in Istria, who produce top-quality organic olive oils and wines that differ from others in their richness of taste. Healthy food is very important to the inhabitants of the Istrian peninsula. Agrotourisms throughout Istria have also joined this "trend", so they have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of various domestic organic vegetables and fruits. Eco products in Istria are different, they smell like real, juicy fruits and vegetables, and their taste is unbelievably good. Croatia organic farming throughout Istria also pay special attention to the production of quality honey. Beekeepers make sure that there is no shortage of homemade eco honey on your table, which is becoming increasingly difficult to find today.

Visit our eco-producers and enjoy the produce of their effort and hard work. Homemade and homegrown is always the best option!

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