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One of the first, if not the first, registered organic olive plantation in Istria since 2006. We grow and care for our 2,350 olive trees on a purely ecological basis on approx. 12 hectares of land, which means we completely do not use chemical-synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and soil herbicides. Omajola's olives located in Franceskija/Savudrija in an airy location on a gentle slope and not far from the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. For the production we only use our own organic olives. We also produce organic olive leaf tea.

Our tastings, training and guided tours through the entire olive plantation are completely free of charge and there is no obligation to buy - without registration, duration 30-45 min.


Michael Pavlović

Frančeskija 54,

Working hours:

Mon-Fri 09-16

Sat 09-12

Organic products:

olive oil, dry olive leaves for tea