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We are engaged in the production of medicinal herbs, olive oil, honey and the collection of wild herbs, as well as the production of products for cosmetic and food purposes. We treat all our plantations (olives, lavender, rosemary, sage and immortelle) with ecological means.

In 2013, we were entered in the Register of Entities in Organic Production for the cultivation and processing of plants to the final product. We base our production concept on the traditional use of plants of the Istrian peninsula with an emphasis on scientific approach and proper use of resources.

Through education and practical workshops, we work on people's awareness of better quality selection and use of products for food and cosmetics, emphasizing the nutritional and medicinal properties.
We especially emphasize the educational part of the younger population that takes place at the primary school level, so that in the last four years through the project "Wild plants in nutrition - science and tradition" educated and practical workshops pointed out the value of wild plants throughout the history of our region. the scientific dimension of proper consumption, recognition and potential dangers of inadequate approach to the topic.


Marija Komić

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Organic products:

olive oil, rosemary, lavender, lavandin, immortelle, sage