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OPG Eliksir has been producing extra virgin olive oil for many years. Since 2011 we produce ECOLOGICAL extra virgin olive oil of high quality which is obtained from the olive fruit exclusively by mechanical means. The farm consists of old olives and new ones planted in 2009. There is a long tradition of olive oil production in our family. It used to be the main branch of our economy since the economy was based on the production of domestic herbs and liqueurs. However, olives have never been neglected.

Everything changed in 2009. when we decided to stop producing brandy and headed for olives in its entirety. The fruits are grown and harvested in their own olive groves at the location of Čela - Sv. Donat, above the canyon of the river Mirna, on a plateau southwest of Buzet at about 320 m above sea level. O.P.G. The elixir has over 1,100 olive trees. In addition to the space for tasting and tasting oil, there is also an ethno museum of photo and cinema equipment and old craft tools.


Loren Petohleb

Vidaci 25 ,

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