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Campagnola was presented for the first of May 2018 in Svetvinčenat as the first eco-choice made from certified organic ingredients in Croatia. The selection was opened by Istrian eco-producers Darko Pekica and Dorian Siljan. That is why the name Campagnola, namely the campaign in the Istrian dialect, means a piece of arable land, which connects these two producers.

The organic certificate they hold indicates that malts, unsweetened cereals and hops are used in organic production, which confirms that they have not been treated with pesticides and herbicides, and that they have been produced in accordance with sustainable agricultural practice. From 2022, all base malt used is from its own production. There are 3 types of beer in the year-round offer: Organic ale, Organic Porter and Organic Blonde.


Darko Pekica & Dorian Siljan

Svetvinčenat 3 ,

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