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Eco Labels

Eco Labels

EU Ecolabel is the official voluntary eco-labelling scheme of the European Union (EU) for labelling products and services with a less adverse environmental impact throughout their life cycle, compared to similar or identical products and services from the same product group.

    ECO DOMUS is a labelling programme implemented by the Administrative Department for Tourism of the County of Istria aiming at increasing social and environmental responsibility in tourism. The programme is aligned with the global guidelines of sustainable development and ensures overall protection of health and the environment.

    The facilities bearing the Eco Domus sign have met at least 50 basic criteria in 12 categories such as: social and environmental responsibility, integrated environmental and health protection, use of eco certified washing and cleaning agents, use of eco certified toiletries, use of natural materials, water saving technology, energy saving technology, and waste sorting and recycling.

  • Travelife

    Travelife is the leading initiative for training, management and certification of tourism companies dedicated to promoting sustainable development. Established in 2007, the Travelife Sustainability System is an initiative dedicated to promoting sustainable practices within the travel and tourism industry.

    The aim of Travelife is to provide companies with knowledge, solutions and tools to implement positive change within their businesses and their supply chain. Travelife is an international certification system that promotes sustainability within the tourism industry and helps tour operators, hotels and accommodations manage and monitor their social and environmental impact and communicate their achievements to customers.

    The Travelife Gold Award is recognition for hotels that, to the greatest extent possible, meet the strict criteria of sustainability. The strategic goal of the certification awarding project is to introduce green business practices, i.e. achieve balance of economic progress, environmental concern in the widest sense, and social inclusion in the wider community.


    ECOLOGICAL PRODUCTION (organic, biological) is a special system of sustainable management in agriculture and forestry that includes plant and animal breeding, production of food, raw materials and natural fibres and primary products processing, as well as all environmentally, economically and socially justified production and technological methods and systems, using soil fertility and available water, natural properties of plants, animals and landscapes in the smartest possible way, increasing yields and crop resistance by means of natural forces and laws, with the prescribed use of fertilisers, plant and animal protection products, in compliance with internationally agreed norms and principles.

    ECOLOGICAL PRODUCT is a product manufactured and labelled in accordance with the provisions of the Ecological Production of Agricultural and Food Products Act and the regulations adopted on the basis thereof. Istrian producers entered in the Register of Ecological Producers of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Croatia operate through the Istrian Eco Product association.

  • Blue Flag

    Blue Flag for beaches and marinas is an international environmental programme for the protection of the sea and coastal areas, whose primary objective is the sustainable management and governance of the sea and the coastline. Today, Blue Flag is a highly respected tourist label. It is the most recognised model of environmental education and informing the public, when it comes to protecting the sea and the coast, especially the coastal areas under the greatest pressure - beaches and marinas.
    Blue Flag is an acknowledgment awarded for only one season, and for it to be obtained, the application has to be submitted in a prescribed manner every year. The implementation of the Blue Flag programme is based on strictly defined criteria. Although national and international inspections are conducted during the season, guests and users of Blue Flag beaches and marinas are encouraged to notify the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) if they notice that the defined criteria are not being met. In Istria, the number of Blue Flags increases every year. The Blue Flag programme national coordinator and manager in Croatia is the Lijepa Naša Association, Heinzelova 6/II, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, phone: +385 1 49 23 900; e-mail:

  • EU Ecolabel

    EU Ecolabel is the official voluntary eco-labelling scheme of the European Union (EU) for labelling products and services with a less adverse environmental impact throughout their life cycle, compared to similar or identical products and services from the same product group. It belongs to Type I eco-labels and declarations according to the international standard EN ISO 14024:2000, which implies an independent third-party verification system.

    Criteria for 26 groups of products and services have been developed (e.g. cleaning products, clothing and textiles, personal care products, furniture, paper products, tourist accommodation, etc.). The criteria are based on the professional and scientific parameters of the impact a product/service has on the environment over the life cycle (from the collection and treatment of raw materials, through production, packaging, transportation, service delivery, use, until becoming waste). The criteria are specific to each product group and focus on their most significant environmental impact and the one which can be influenced the most. The criteria used to evaluate products and services are such that only 20-30 percent of products on the market can meet the requirements.

    The contact point for EU Ecolabel in Croatia is the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Energy. The EU Ecolabel allocation programme is defined by Regulation (EC) No. 66/2010 of the European Parliament and the Council dated 25 November 2009. Pursuant to the Environmental Protection Act (Official Gazette, No. 80/13, 153/13, 78/15 and 12/18), Ordinance on the Environmental Protection Label of the European Union - EU Ecolabel (Official Gazette, No. 116/2016) was adopted in December 2016.


    The Flos Olei is the first international guidebook dedicated to extra virgin olive oils, selected by strict criteria. The panel of excellent experts-tasters is coordinated by Marco Oreggia, editor and publisher, along with Laura Marinelli.

  • Ecocamping

    ECOCAMPING is THE European ecological camping Network that promotes nature conservation, environmental protection, safety and quality in the camping industry. Core activities include introducing the ECOCAMPING environmental and quality management system in campsites, advising and training campsite entrepreneurs and personnel, and bestowing the ECOCAMPING award on successful campsites and their marketing. A total of 225 campsites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia are partner with ECOCAMPING. We aim to improve environmental protection, nature conservation, as well as the safety and quality of the camping sector. Ultimately, our goal is to support the whole business towards more sustainability and success. After the successful implementation of the ECOCAMPING Management, the respective camping site is awarded with the ECOCAMPING Distinction. Camping sites who have obtained the ECOCAMPING distinction can take part in the ECOCAMPING Network. In Istria there are 4 ECOCAMPING awarded campsites. INFO
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