Istra ecoxperience


The best eco-friendly accommodation in Istria

In the last few years, Istria, Croatia has been turning more and more to renewable energy and eco-friendly tourism. And it hasn’t skipped on accommodation. We will showcase the best eco-friendly accommodations and why they should be your choice for your upcoming Istrian adventure.


Organic extra virgin olive oil of Istria

Istrian olive oil has a rich history, tracing back to ancient times. The Istrian peninsula offers an ideal environment for olive cultivation, fostering a long-standing tradition in olive oil production.


Tourism Sustainability in Istria

Tourism in Istria is evolving - embracing a sustainable path that not only preserves its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and traditions but also benefits the global environment. Embark on a journey to explore the region's commitment to eco-friendly practices, responsible tourism, and the preservation of its precious ecosystems.


Istria waterfalls

Istria, Croatia, is home to some incredible waterfalls. Every one of them is unique in it’s own way and should be acknowledge. Let's explore these natural wonders that offer a refreshing escape into nature's beauty.


Nature Parks in Istria

Istria, with amazing landscapes and rich biodiversity, Istria has established itself as a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventurers, especially eco-conscious ones. Istria lures with a tapestry of breathtaking sights and experiences. From national parks like Brijunti to caves such as Baredine and forests like in Hum. Istria has is all and In this list, we uncover Istria's natural treasures, showcasing its remarkable nature parks, national parks, forests, and caves. 


Eco friendly gift ideas from Istria

From organic local products to handcrafted eco-friendly souvenirs, get ready to discover how your gift-giving can make a positive impact on the environment and support local communities in Istria. Let's see what Istria has to offer from gifts.