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Eco-Friendly Activities

Mild Istrian climate, untouched nature and clean environment make an active holiday possible all year round, and a wide range of sports activities will satisfy even the most demanding sports enthusiasts. Istria abounds with marked trails for jogging, trail running, trekking and cross training, cycling and mountain biking, horseback riding through untouched nature, along numerous vineyards and olive groves, as well as trails for other outdoor activities along the coast or in inland Istria. Explore the nature of Istria and find out why Istria is rightfully considered a preserved and eco-friendly tourist destination.

Istria is a true oasis for active holidays throughout the year, and using hiking, cycling, equestrian and other trails and itineraries is an ideal way to discover its natural beauties, cultural and historical sites and other attractions it has to offer. Extreme sports offer in Istria will satisfy the most demanding adrenaline seekers - paragliding and kite surfing, free climbing or rock climbing, running across the Istrian hills and mountain biking along the most demanding trails, caving and skydiving are ideal for enjoying the beautiful preserved coastal and rural landscapes of Istria.

All these activities are sustainable and in harmony with nature, they do not destroy or pollute the environment, so it goes without saying that those practising the activities should comply with the basic rules of conduct in nature.

Nature and the environment are precious and we need to safeguard and protect them in a variety of ways. For example, garbage has to be collected and disposed of in a suitable container, we shouldn’t pick or destroy plants, nor disturb animals living in nature. It is especially dangerous and strictly forbidden to start open fires, as well as to drive off-road through nature. It is recommended to use marked hiking trails and forest paths.

Let’s act responsibly and respect nature.


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