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Eco-friendly beaches in Istria

Eco-friendly beaches in Istria are the most visited beaches in Istria. On the prestigious list of eco beaches in Istria, we have more than 50 beaches and marinas. The criteria that need to be fulfilled to be on the eco beach list are rather long: bathing water quality, beach quality, security, sustainability, beach accessibility, information and education, green amenities, and environmental development and beach management. Some of the Istrian cities that have eco-friendly beach titles are Pula, Rovinj, Vrsar, Poreč, Novigrad, and the list goes on.

The unbelievable clarity of the sea and cleanliness of the green areas, responsible maintenance of the beaches, and caring for the environment are the key preconditions that are taking our stunning beaches to the top of the Eco Beaches Istria list. It is important to emphasize how the first beach in Croatia that has the privilege to be on the list of eco beaches is one located close to Pula, Istria.

The beauty of the Adriatic Sea, the fresh Mediterranean air, and the richness of flora and fauna are the perfect addition that makes the eco beaches in Istria one of the most beautiful, green, and eco-friendly summer destinations.

Blue Flag Beaches

  • Green Beaches

    Within the project INTERREG Mediterranean MITOMED + “Models of Integrated Tourism in the MEDiterranean Plus - MITOMED+”, the project activity of implementing the Green Beach model in Istria was carried out through 28 criteria divided into 8 categories..

  • Veruda Island (Fratarski Island) Eco Beach

    The beach is located on the north side of the island near the main pier and the reception to a nearby campsite. The beach is mostly pebbly, some 350 metres long and 12 metres wide, with a natural pine forest in the background. It is mainly used by the campsite guests and daily visitors, mostly families with children.