Istra ecoxperience

Regional Programme for the Development and Management of Sea Beaches in the County of Istria

In 2015, at the initiative of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Istria, the Administrative Department for Tourism of the County of Istria drew up the Regional Program for the Development and Management of Sea Beaches. It enables systematic, deliberate and sustainable management of the beaches and coastal areas of the County of Istria. In order for a beach to be themed as an Eco Beach, it must meet the following conditions:


- information board with a description of the environmental values of the beach along with the code of conduct on eco beaches (highlighting special features in terms of valuable flora and fauna of the area, natural habitats of certain plants and animal species)


- organized cleaning and disposal of waste

- safe and maintained access to the beach

- movable sanitary facilities (aesthetically blended into the environment, coated with natural materials, functioning as chemical toilets)

- portable tanks with drinking water

– no access to motor boats – marker buoys

- changing rooms

The first beach in Croatia to be assigned the Eco Beach label is the beach on the Veruda Island (Fratarski Island), in the area of the City of Pula.