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The answer to the question of the discovery of the mysterious Mediterranean amalgam of health, which in the synergy of the environment, food and drink, has been enabling people to survive even in these stingy conditions for centuries, is being sought more and more often.

In this Istrian region of ours, which is the archetypal Mediterranean area, everything boils down to a deep respect for the elements of life-giving fluids: sea, wine, water and oil: salty and sweet, fresh and sour.

Beaten by the sea and storms, fried by the sun and heat on this stone, on this dry, shallow red land, few survive: some fragrant grasses, figs, vines, oleanders... all of them are evolutionarily predestined to struggle hard to survive, but that's why their fruits are more valuable, purer , healthier.

Organically produced Ursaria olive oil is one of those evolutionary winners!


Franko Radovčić

Stancija Crljenka 12,

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Mon-Sat 09–17

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Organic products:

olive oil, tansy, khaki, lavender, pomegranate, medlar, fig, jujube, aronia