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Public invitation to join Eco Domus

Eco-friendly Accommodation Certification Programme

As Nada Prodan Mraković, Head of the Administrative Department for Tourism, pointed out: “Sustainable tourism is very important, because it meets the needs of tourists and the local population. It seeks to manage resources in such a way that economic, social and environmental needs are met by maintaining cultural integrity, fundamental ecological processes, biodiversity, and other systems which life is based on.”

At the moment, the Eco Domus programme includes 53 facilities meeting at least 50 basic criteria in 12 categories. In order to include new facilities in the Eco Domus programme, a public invitation to join Eco Domus, Eco-friendly Accommodation Certification Programme, has been published on the website of the Administrative Department for Tourism of the County of Istria, where you can find all the necessary information, requirements, forms and criteria for obtaining the Eco Domus certificate.

As part of the Eco Domus programme, by meeting the criteria and obtaining the label, the local values ​​are evaluated through informing guests about local cultural and historical heritage, local natural values, amenities and events, landscaping with native plants, promoting traditional products and souvenirs, creating possibilities for learning and/or participating in traditional customs, promoting local cuisine and typical food products, etc.

The Eco Domus programme is intended for small tourist accommodation facilities that are categorised as holiday homes or apartments (only if the entire facility is managed by the same person) with a total capacity of up to 20 beds. Also, when choosing a facility, preference is given to accommodation providers from those areas where systematic selective waste collection and disposal has already been implemented.

The basic features of an Eco Domus accommodation are the following: social and ecological responsibility, overall environmental and health protection, use of eco-certified detergents and cleaning agents, use of eco-certified toiletries, use of natural materials, water and energy saving and waste sorting and recycling.  

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