Istra ecoxperience

What is Istra Ecoxperience?

Dear friends of green tourism and all of you soon to become!

Nature, culture, tradition and people are important aspects of green tourism, and with this brochure we wanted to put in one place and inform you on certified eco amenities and offer in Istria, ranging from accommodation to eco producers, green beaches and events nurturing this philosophy, all the way to the protected areas of Istria, eco museums and eco-friendly activities.

In this way, we can contribute together to the preservation of our natural and cultural resources as well as raise awareness of the need to protect nature, improve the lives of local communities and encourage new business opportunities in our region, while complying with the principles of sustainable development. By consuming organically grown domestic and indigenous products, we encourage the development of the local community.

Let’s protect and preserve our natural resources and cultural heritage, learn about and cherish the customs and traditions of the local population.

The brochure is available for download here:

Istra ecoxperience HR-IT

Istra ecoxperience EN-DE

County of Istria
Administrative Department for Tourism