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OPG ZUBIN - Oio de Bušćina


At the highest point of Umag town, in the Buščina village, are the olive groves of my family, the Zubin family. We own 8000 olive trees spread over 40ha of land from which we produce premium, world-renowned, extra virgin olive oil. After trying many jobs, I returned to my first love - olive growing.

I grow olives the way my grandparents did, in a natural and organic way, but this time integrated with modern production technologies. My goal is to offer, above all, a product that has many positive health effects. Extra virgin olive oil is a universal medicine for which there are no contraindications, i.e. no person in the world is allergic to olive oil. My family and I use oil not only in our daily diet, but also for disease prevention by assuming a small teaspoon of olive oil every morning just before breakfast.

Our oil, Oio de Buščina is one of the 20 best oils in the world!

Olive growing is somewhat addictive to me, but in a positive way - when it catches you, it is hard to get out of it.

I have done many things so far in terms of spreading olive groves and planting young olives. I wanted to have 12 different olive varieties, as the months in a year. After that, I stopped the expansion of the olive groves, and dedicated myself to nurturing and perfecting the existing trees.

From our olive groves, we produce about 50 hectolitres of premium organic extra virgin olive oil per year. I admit, there are cheaper oils compared to ours, but this is the price of organic farming, where the yield is weaker due to pesticides and other non-organic chemicals avoidance. Despite the price, I have no problems in selling it and I am pleased when I see so many satisfied customers.


Enio Zubin

Bušćina 18b ,

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Organic products:

olive oil, almond, walnut, red chicory