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Our company produces and sells honey and bee products from its own apiaries. Although we are located in the very center of Istria, the diversity - climate and vegetation - allows us to enjoy the benefits of different honey plants and bee pastures in this relatively small area. Starting from the north of Istria, Ćićarija, which is abundant with heather, to the center of Istria, where thousands of acacia trees dominate. After their flowering, the bramble immediately turns yellow in the karst areas, followed by the tame chestnut, while the blue of medicinal sage spreads along the south and east coast of Istria. The diminishing agricultural cultivation of central Istria favors a variety of flowers, which gives the meadow honey a distinctive taste. This diversity of plant life gives us the opportunity to taste nature in its original form.

As we have been beekeeping since 1980, our goal is to produce and preserve honey and bee products in the most natural form possible, so that they reach the consumer's table. We try to make our apiaries as well as the treatment of the bees themselves as much as possible in harmony with nature, which is why we decided to start with organic honey production. Since 2002, we have been under the expert supervision of AgriBioCert Omišalj (we have been registered in the Register of Organic Producers since December 2004), which proves that certified organic honey comes to consumers' tables from our apiaries. Throughout all these years, we have been recognizable on the market as A&Ž honey from Buzet. We are currently the only certified organic honey producers in Istria.

In addition to honey, we offer flower powder, propolis and honey complex, honey with dried fruit, honey with Ceylon cinnamon and bee cream.


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