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OPG Šegon from Karigador in the north of Istria is the fruit of a family tradition and love for viticulture and olive growing that began in 1970.

We create distillates and liqueurs that few people produce, quality wines with a nuance of a different approach in shaping the taste and extra virgin olive oil that is in the range of Istrian award-winning varieties.

Visit us and taste quality Istrian wines, brandies, liqueurs and olive oil that are the result of knowledge, experience and maturation in ideal conditions.

On the spacious family farm of OPG Šegon, there is a wine cellar, a wine cellar, a distillery plant, a tasting room and guest rooms.

Our goal is not quantity, but high quality, so during production we pay attention to every detail, respecting tradition.


Luka Šegon

Karigador 72,

Working hours:

Mala Punta 66c, Karigador - By appointment

Previous reservation over the phone required

Organic products:

Olive oil