Istra ecoxperience

Istarsko / Istrian de Dignan Ecomuseum


The primary objective of this association is to protect and revitalize tangible and intangible rural heritage, including traditional tools, skills and crafts and historic wooden carts and livestock, maintain and cultivate land, restore abandoned or neglected facilities and agricultural land, and preserve native varieties and biological diversity.

The association operates in 3 locations, namely:

  1. Ecomuseum - House of Traditions,
  2. Didactic Farm,
  3. Ecolab- Museum of Local Products. It also runs its own farm and grows olives, aromatic plants and cultivates an ecological garden where fresh seasonal organic vegetables can be purchased daily.

Within the farm, there is an aromatic garden in the shape of the spatial plan of Vodnjan, which is the source of macerates of immortelle and lavender, St. John’s wort oil, mint, salvia and laurel tea. The association is registered for harvesting wild and medicinal herbs and offers its own products such as: vin de rosa, olive brandy, mountain germander brandy, olives in brine, St. John’s wort oil and, of course, olive oil.


  Vodnjan / Narodni trg 8