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The Quarry Fantazija



The Quarry Fantazija is part of the protected ecological network Natura2000, with a total surface area of 4.05 ha, managed by the Public Institution for the Management of Protected Natural Areas in Istria County, called “Natura Histrica”.

The Quarry Fantazija is situated 1.5 km from the centre of Rovinj. It represents a unique example of carbonate rock sedimentology and one of the most important and interesting quarries in the world. In 1987 it acquired the status of a geological monument.

The quarry is a display of genetically different types of dolomites with preserved details of texture, and structure of diagenetic and genetic characteristics, indicating the processes and impact of blue-green algae, petrification of cavities formed by algae decomposition, sea level oscillations, alternation of tides, sediments soaked by sea water and then dried.

Thanks to the rocks from this quarry, the origin of similar rocks in the world can be scientifically explained. Such rocks contain only few evidence and indicators of such origin, as opposed to the Quarry Fantazija that contains all types of evidence, making thus the Quarry a geological monument and a standard for all other rock sites of this origin type in the world.

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