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Hotel Coral Plava Laguna *****


Hotel Coral caters to those enjoying the finer things in life: baldachins on the beach, expertly mixed cocktails, innovative cuisine a la carte restaurants and luxurious wellness experiences. Everything you need for a memorable adult holiday in Croatia!

Sustainability policy

Plava Laguna uses ecological solutions and renewable energy sources in its business operations, aiming at energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Therefore, when building new or reconstructing existing accommodation facilities, especially hotels and similar, they install heating and cooling systems based on water-to-water heat pumps, they also use waste heat for generating DHW through air-to-air heat pumps or solar collectors. Likewise, all facilities have high performance LED lighting, and old lighting fixtures are replaced by new ones.

Solar power plants have been installed on hotels Mediterranean and Sipar, while the installation is underway on hotels Park, Materada, Coral and Garden Istra.


  Umag-Umago / Katoro 20

  Plava Laguna
  Umag / Jadranska 66

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