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Hotel Park Plava Laguna ****


Part of the 4 star Park Resort in Poreč, Hotel Park is a family hotel, meaning that every family member can choose what he most likes to do: animation activities, sunbathing, sports, fine dining, cocktail degustation or jumping in the pool. You’ll never want to leave the Park Resort, but if you do, we suggest discovering the beauty of Poreč, or exploring local taverns and vineyards. Surrounded by five pools, Hotel Park is a relaxation location as well, with plenty of sundecks and loungers for every guest. Enjoy the warm embrace of the sun, sip on a cocktail from the pool bar and relax. Listen to the wind in the pine trees. Take a walk along the perfectly curated gardens within the Resort. A short walk along the coastline takes you into the town center of Poreč, where guests can find all the hustle and bustle, clubs, bars and restaurants one might need while on holiday. Dance, laugh, have fun before returning to your spacious, modern room to enjoy the view of the starry sky and the murmur of the sea under your window.

Sustainability policy

Plava Laguna uses ecological solutions and renewable energy sources in its business operations, aiming at energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Therefore, when building new or reconstructing existing accommodation facilities, especially hotels and similar, they install heating and cooling systems based on water-to-water heat pumps, they also use waste heat for generating DHW through air-to-air heat pumps or solar collectors. Likewise, all facilities have high performance LED lighting, and old lighting fixtures are replaced by new ones.

Solar power plants have been installed on hotels Mediterranean and Sipar, while the installation is underway on hotels Park, Materada, Coral and Garden Istra.


  Poreč-Parenzo / Špadići 15b

  Plava Laguna
  Poreč / Rade Končara 12

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