Istra ecoxperience


Association Zona, Poreč

The significance of seas and oceans is manifold. They are the largest suppliers of oxygen on Earth. They are the source of food and health. They connect the world via many transport and communication channels and represent an important energy potential. Seas and oceans are also the source of inexhaustible artistic inspiration, they are an expanse of great secrets and mysteries that does not bow to national borders. Seas and oceans are endangered by pollution, overfishing and climate change.

aMORE is the first festival entirely dedicated to the sea, an event in which art, culture and science intertwine. Our goal is to draw attention to the significance of marine ecosystems as well as to the causes of their degradation, all with the purpose of preserving them.  aMORE aims to contribute to raising public awareness of the local community, visitors and tourists, in order to join forces in preserving this important natural resource.

The festival features film screenings, workshops, exhibitions, seabed and beach clean-ups, panel discussions, lectures, campaigns.

You can contact the organizer to find out about the programme schedule.